Happy Father’s Day, Mom™

Welcome to Happy Father’s Day, Mom™, the only online site that has quality gifts designed solely to recognize single mothers, the fantastic women who wear two hats and make a difference in our lives.

Let’s face it, Father’s Day is separate from Mother’s Day, but what do you get the lady who is also your father? Happy Father’s Day, Mom™. Why fake it, embrace it and recognize the woman who has filled all of the roles in the family.

Father's day gifts for the single mother in your life provide unique way to show your mom that you care. Nowhere else can you find this great selection, or a more unique way of giving mom a gift on Father's Day. Regardless of how she got to be both mom and dad, get her a unique gift on Fathers Day, designed just for her. Your Mom deserves a greeting of Happy Father's Day Mom.

In addition to providing quality, affordable products to say Happy Father’s Day, Mom™, we are seeking inspirational stories. If you care to share your story about your mom with us, we will create her own page on the site to tell the world about your great mom. Simply click the Tell Us About Your Mom link and you will go the submission page. After you tell us about your mom, we will design a page just for her and email you the link. What a nice personal gift, and you do not have to buy a thing to tell us about her, and to say Happy Father’s Day Mom!

We have partnered with Zazzle.com to create a full line of products just for mom, which tell her Happy Father’s Day, Mom™ and let everyone know how wonderful she is. We have developed custom hats, shirts, magnets, key chains and a host of other products, to find something for everyone’s price range. Why not check out the products and get a unique gift just for the special lady who is mother, father and everything else to you. Nobody else has our line of gifts, they are trademarked and only sold here. This is a special line of products designed just for special single mom’s on Father’s Day.

Again, please check out the products and feel free to tell us about your mom.